Dislocation Reduction of the Patella (Orthopaedics)

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Lateral dislocation of the patella.

  • Intracondylar and superior dislocations require operative reduction.
  • The rare horizontal dislocation may relocate with closed reduction, but surgical reduction is often necessary.

The patella is stabilized superiorly by the quadriceps femoris tendon and inferiorly by the patellar ligament, which inserts on the tibial tuberosity.

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  • Immobilize the leg in extension
    • This may be done by casting or applying a commercially available knee immobilizer.
  • Orthopedic follow-up is necessary because of the need for physical therapy and the high rate of persistent instability.
  • Hospitalization is not required for routine lateral dislocations of the patella.
  • Recurrent dislocation and those associated with an osteochondral fracture may require operative repair.

There are no reports in the literature of complications from gentle reduction.

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