Browse by Specialty within Region on Homunculus

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You can browse for procedures by moving your mouse over the blue clickable areas of the body regions on the Homunculus image. As you move your mouse, popups identify the body region and any associated specialties for that specific body region.


  1. Move your mouse over a body region (e.g., knee) marked by blue boxes on Homunculus. The available blue regions (mouse overs) display.


  2. When you find the applicable region of the body (e.g, knee), click the specialty (e.g., Internal Medicine) you want to explore.


  3. A list of procedures displays that were found for the specialty you selected along with the total number of procedures found.

    In the example below, two procedures were found for Knee.


  4. You can either select from a procedure's Quick Review, Full details, or Test

  5. You can also do any of the following: