Change/View My Registration Information

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You can view or edit your account information details at anytime. You can also make changes as needed (e.g., password, email address, and registration information). Required fields display with a red asterisk (*).

Steps to Update Your Account Information

  1. Click the My Account link in the upper right
    The My Account page opens

  2. In the Current location box, the 'United States' is the default and currently the only available choice.

  3. From Email Address, enter the email address (mandatory)
    This email address becomes your User ID for PC

  4. From New Password, type a new password that can be up to 20 alphanumeric characters long and no spaces and must consist of at least 1 alpha and 1 numeric characters at a minimum. You are asked to enter the same password twice. Press TAB on your keyboard or click inside the Verify Password text box. Retype the new password.

  5. Select the primary Group you are assigned to by using the drop-down on the right

  6. From Name, enter the following:

  1. From Address, enter the following:

  2. From Profession, use the drop-down on the right to make a selection. If you change your Profession then associated labels and corresponding fields may change also (mandatory)

  1. Accept the fourth checkbox, to accept the registered user agreement

TIP: Click the Registered User Agreement link in order to view this agreement in a new window


  1. Click Save to save your changes

NOTE: If you self-register, you would see an "I Accept" button instead of a "Save" button.